visual abstract

Visual Abstract - Before and after of each collage. Change is inevitable, the sooner we address it the more developed a response will be.

So it seems the question is, what have I learned through this process? I guess the realization I have made is that I just have too many interests, which is almost counteractive to the specificity of a thesis, but there has formed a kind of linearity in that they are not counteractive to each other, they almost form a process. What has clouded my vision this whole time was a desire to do something unique, experimental, visionary, a simulacra of reality, but that is an ends to the mean. For example, I am interested in phenomenology, ecological urbanism, networks, interconnectivity, and interactivity, but phenomenology and interactivity are not at all separate, and interconnectivity is a result of networks, which are inherent to tenants of ecological urbanism. When the idea of visionary comes in it is actually a site decision, but it is not a site in place, but in time. I am most interested in looking ahead, tackling the problems that architects refuse to tackle now, because there is a belief that by looking beyond the present, one can incite ideas that will bring others to envision the future, and when that day finally comes, the day the cities would have flooded and mankind would have been on the brink of self-destruction, the visions of doom were merely an afterthought because of simple proactivity.


About Bryan Premont

I am currently pursuing a Masters of Architecture at Wentworth Institute of Technology.
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