Updated Thesis Abstract 10/27

This is my updated thesis abstract, with revisions from my professor.

As the impact of environmental neglect becomes manifest in extreme climatic changes, the political mechanisms that society depends on to initiate necessary adaptations to climate policy in our built environment will ultimately fail. This failure is a result of the inability of municipal, regional and federal bureaucracies to take seriously, the larger, more controversial long-term climatic issues. As a result of this unwillingness to create proactive change, our society is incapable of dealing with the dramatic events that will result from climatic change. These changes include droughts and floods that will cause food and water shortages, as well as degradation in infrastructure and municipal service collapses. As these events unfold over time, fear, hysteria, and ultimately paranoia will prevail, causing a return to survivalist individualism. As a result of this societal collapse, the necessity for self-preservation will lead to a transformation in the built environment. Current models based on municipal infrastructure and services will be replaced by informal and improvised renegade systems and self-sufficient mechanisms built by a single family or faction to ensure their survival. These mechanisms must tackle the services that are now provided by municipal and corporate systems, including, but not limited to, water collection and purification, electricity production, waste management, and food production. Ultimately, the solutions will take the form of improvised prototypes, differing depending on specific adaptations to location and available resources.


About Bryan Premont

I am currently pursuing a Masters of Architecture at Wentworth Institute of Technology.
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